The middle section of the human  body, flanked by the upper body on its anterior side and the lower limbs on the posterir side, holds an important position , in the human anatomy. It is here that the Pelvic Girdle is placed , that  not only articulates with  both the anterior and posterior structures , but also serves a connecting bony bridge between the two.

Made of three fused bones, namely the Ischium, the Iium and the Pubis;

the Pelvic Girdle is a bucket shaped bony structure that harbours the intestines, urinary bladder and the internal  sex organs. Located in the middle, the pelvic Girdle serves as an attachment point to many muscles of the body.It is also responsible for supporting and balancing the trunk, besides being designed to bear a large quantity of weight.

In the modern day lifestyle, daily routine involves long hours of seated or standing work,  or long hours of commuting in traffic, especially for work purpose. This in turn leads to reduced spinal and hip mobility . The musculature system between the upper leg structure and the pelvic girdle , undergoes shortening . Also the curve of the spine is gradually lost due to long hours of static posture, that becomes the beginning the very basis to a plethora of problems later.

 The resultant loss of the anatomical  mechanics, that we are inherently born with , results in loss of mobility in the Pelvic Girdle. The  first symptom that the body uses to convey the disturbed mechanics is manifested as LBP or Lower Back Pain.

Where LBP  is a huge mammoth that shadows the human mind in pain, the prevention of the same , is an extremely doable remedy.

Maintain your pelvic mobility. A great exercise to establish or retain Pelvic mobility  is the Cat and Camel exercise. This exercise could be done both seated or on all fours on the ground.

But sometimes over the years , poor lifestyle results in complete loss of spinal mobility.

Here an exercise specialist MUST be brought in . Regaining mobility and strength under the guidance of a professional could not only make the journey easier , but also prevent further injuries.