Lifestyle modification could be looked upon as a first step towards creating a positively charged aura. Regular exercise , three to four times a week , under the guidance of  health professionals , along with a positive support system to boost the journey is the prime and perhaps the only methodology  to effectively tap those underlying plethora of energies.


  • Set aside fifteen minutes for daily exercises like medium paced walking , dancing  or swimming, twice a week.
  • Consume water in small quantities like one cup or 250 ml at small intervals like 40 minutes to one hour through the day.
  • Train under a certiifed exercise professional thrice a week – specifically in themode of  weight training.
  • Track your food and insist on home food , preferably put together under your sharp eye.
  • Embrace an approach towards clean eating , encompassing carbohydrates, proteins and fats in balance.
  • Rope in a nutritionst and a counsellor to keep you going.
  • Set a repititive reminder to walk / move every fifteen minutes , especially if in a seated job.
  • Use consistency as a tool.
  • Reduce your unnecessary expenses eg. overpurchasing on shoes , clothes, alcohol, eating outfrequently and invest in health.
  • Steer clear of free pseudo diet plans bombarding on the social media accounts .
  • Nourish your mind, body and soul – sensibly , discarding trash all along, embracing logic and professional guidance.
  • Respect the biological clock. Both sleep and wake up early to set the Circadian rhythm on track.
  • Add meditation , stretching and deep breathing to your frequently followed routine.
  • Read good literature atleast once a week.
  • Adopt a positive approach to life and avoid any negative remark to seep into your talks.

 Patience and Persistence on the above guidelines, could surely add years to your life graph.