The Diaphragm





Series 1

Question: Does your trainer train you how to breathe properly?
If not , read on .👇🏼

This dome shaped muscle, the DIAPHRAGM not only separates the upper body from the abdomen, but is also the very ROOF of your core box .It is also  perhaps the most neglected muscle, when it comes to being trained correctly.
This is also muscle I am very passionate about . My clients are surely aware of the same.😊

Like any other muscle, this too contracts and relaxes !
Diaphragm contraction results in flattening of this dome. This helps in inhalation of air into the thoracic cavity, due to increased thoracic volume and thus reduced air pressure.

Remember what we learnt in school .🧐
•Air flows from region of high pressure to region of low pressure.

Once air is inhaled, the pressure within the dome increases, in relation to the pressure outside .
In our normal routine, without any further work, the diaphragm happily relaxes and the air within, gushes out from the lungs to be able to reduce this new found pressure increment within .

The very first exercise to core engagement begins with proper Diaphragmatic Breathing.
So did you breathe enough today ?🔆
Get your basics right 🤷🏻‍♀️