Exercise is a planned structured movement that should extend repeatedly over a certain period of time. Exercise as a programme is supposed to enhance your remaining part of the day and help you work better. If you are suffering the remaining day ,post exercise from pain or need excess sleep to recover, then probably you are on the wrong track.

Movement is medicine . But just like how not every medicine heals, exercises too should be used/advocated with care. Safe training has become a thing of the past in the present day gyms . It has become a shoddy platform of muscle hypertrophy competition and over performance.


  • Question: Are you able to pick up your baby multiple times a day and swirl around without pain?
  • Question: Are you able to progress in your career post the advent of your little one?
  • Question: Are you able to move on without setting in of hypertension and osteoporosis?
  • Question: Are you able to spend quality time with yourself and –later – others?
  • Question: Do you move through the day without LBP
    (Lower Back Pain)?
  • Question : Are your neck, shoulder blades and knees good?

If yes …you are good to go.
If not … read on.

Both pregnancy and post pregnancy are beautiful phases. Why not take the health of both mom and baby hand in hand? This phase involves the care of a loved one .Period.
She maybe your friend, spouse, sister or your very own daughter. How could it get more precious than this?
With hormonal laxity on an increase, this population needs maximum exercise care and guidance. Increased blood pressure, pooling of blood in the legs, anxiety, depression, diabetes – all stand on the brink – very close to a pregnant / postnatal woman.
It is very important to understand the physical health parameters from all aspects , before creating any programme .


The creation of a baby within a mother’s womb, takes away a lot of daily energy.
It effects all health aspects ranging from qualitative sleeping to breathing to movement pattern.
With increased body weight and a shift in the COG (centre of gravity within your core), there is a balance problem that sets in too. The risk of falls is high .
No contact sport like skiing or hockey or basketball is advisable .❌
There are a plethora of do’s and don’ts .
There is both wrong and right information on the net.
The programme for one body type, rarely works for the other. This is so because similar to our thumb print, each human moves differently, has different postural deficits, a different dietary intake and most importantly a different breathing mechanism. Yes, breathing is a very important parameter that regresses with most people, unconsciously, sometimes even me.
Also even in this population, despite all, the beneficial effects of planned exercise far outweigh the risks.

Puja Mittal
Insta @thefitteryou
I strongly believe in injury free movement.

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