Obesity is a modern day epidemic , that despite being known to most of us , is affecting a wide population ranging from children to youth to the middle aged to the elderly ; an epidemic primarily revolving and arising out of poor lifestyle choices.

Quick fix solutions  seem to be the new smarter approach to the nuclear families. Working couples , homemakers , travellers, children , teenagers –all, often resort to long working hours with little rest and readymade food availabe at a click of a button  via a plethora of mobile apps .

The resultant calorie overload , without equivalent or greater calorie burn., goes neglected for years. lntrospection of the average quality of commercial cooking medium, washing of vegetables, check on the unnecessary color additives and huge amounts of fat to allow the ‘buttered,’ feel on the tongue and achieve mental satiation-all escapes the eye in the pursuit of delicious meals, that lack the adjective , ‘healthy.’

The excess calories are packed onto the body as fat , with legs , arms, abdomen , chest and hips as prime storage points.

As the next step, higher cholesterol and inflammation of arteries sets in , leading to blockage of arteries. Such a blockage in the artery that supplies oxygenated blood to the heart – the coronary artery , leads to a common social condition called Heart Attack or Cardiac failure.

Obesity is a measure of  the Body Mass Index and falls under three grades – Grade 1, Grade 2 and Grade 3.

On a social front , the problems associated with obesity involve a vicious cycle that mutually feed each other and grow persistently , unless the cyccle is consciously broken by the individual consistently / repeatedly, with the help of intervention of a health professional.

 These manifest externally primarily as knee pain , reduced movement, inability to get up from the floor, increased breathlessness, inability to climb stairs, inability to climb into a car, increased mood swings, bouts of anger release and of course the self destructive wave of anxiety and depression.

On the medical front, obesity surfaces with symptoms as pointers towards setting in of diabetes, raised blood pressure, arthritis, lower bone density, higher blood cholesterol levels.

 Lifestyle modification could be looked upon as a first step towards tackling obesity.

Regular exercise , three to four times a week , under the guidance of  health professionals , along with a positive support system to boost the journey is the prime and perhaps the only methodology to return to normalcy.


  • Set aside fifteen minutes for daily exercises like walking or medium paced dancing  or swimming, twice a week.
  • Train under a certiifed exercise professional thrice a week – specifically weight training.
  • Track your food and insist on home food , preferably put together under your sharp eye.
  • Rope in a nutritionst and a counsellor to keep you going.
  • Set a repititive reinder to walk / move every fifteen minutes , especially if in a seated job.
  • Use consistency as a tool.
  • Reduce your unnecessary expenses eg. Overpurchasing on shoes , clothes, alcohol, eating outfrequently and invest in health.
  • Avoid free pseudo diet plans bombarding on the social media accounts .
  • Nourish yourmind, body and soul sensibly , discarding trash all along, embracing logic and professional guidance.

 Since the add on weight was not gained in a short period of time , the desired weight loss will also not be accomplished ina short interval.

 Patience and Persistence on the above guidelines, could surely add years to your life graph.