Well-being is the primary focus for me. I work dedicatedly towards weight loss, weight gain, slimming ideas, fat reduction exercises, muscle toning, and body building.

Have any questions about us and our work? Look at some of the commonly asked questions below. Alternatively, please contact us here.

Why exercise at all ?

Lifestyle routines are often challenging and demanding. Both, high paced activities and sedentary lifestyles as per research, lead to multi faceted joint problems.

Exercise programme under supervision helps you to not only be trained in balance but also helps leap over the barriers with ease. 

The regime programme protocol followed at The Fitter You, is a personalised programme for each client.

Why choose Puja Mittal ?

At The Fitter You, we provide you custom made goal based holistic solutions. With an excellent team back up of leading nutritionists and physiotherapists, you are in safe hands.

Health development is a holistic sphere. We believe in healing our clients on all the three dimensions; physical strength, mental agility and spiritual consciousness.

How to schedule an appointment ?

An appointment may be requested either online or directly by a call .

Is training with weights safe?

Weight training methodology is the most superior methods, researched time and again, that leads to not only increase in bone density, but also an overall musculature strengthening. At The Fitter You, we believe in strength over form. Your bone health is of great important to us.

Why build up muscles at all ?

At The Fitter You, a great emphasis is given on the body musculature system. We strongly believe in the essence of strengthening our clients in ADL.

What is ADL ?

Activities of Daily Living, ADL, is of prime importance, as the first step.

A non judgemental approach is the essence of our dealings with our clients. This is so because though people may come in various shapes and sizes, we believe in an efficient movement system at The Fitter You.

Can children be included in an exercise regime ?

Yes, the children can and should be included in a fun based supervised regime. With long hours of academic demands and unwanted  judgemental environment amongst peers in class, children often receed into a shell.

Such children could avail a plan under  The Fitter You, to regain confidence by improving their sport skills.

Should I/ Could I bring along a family member during my consultation appointment ?

Any transformation is catalysed by a strong support at the home front or what we call Buddy support system.

Though one may involve a family member at the initial counselling session, yet in the end the journey is more about individualistic strength.

The journey at The Fitter You, is not ony about physical strengthening and rehab. It also involves immense mental fortification, counselling and emotion enhancemnent therapy.

Should I carry any medical reports to my first appointment ?

If you have any pathology report of the past six months, please carry them with you when you visit  for The Fitter You, for your consultation and plan discussion. Any medical condition MUST be shared with the exercise coach at any stage of the programme.

Is it possible to have the counselling sessions on phone / Skype ?

Training programs are available on skype and phone.

How do I make the payment and start off ?

We accept payment by online via (Razor Pay), cash, via cheque / DD and bank transfer.

A short series of permission forms and health questionaire follow, post payment clearance. Post proper assessments via forms data and personal call, we design a sutitable programme for you.

Do I need to consume artificial supplements as a necessity during the exercise regime?

At The Fitter You, we believe in helping you in achieving your goals primarily via exercise as a tool. Nutrition is of great importance too for attaining results. We believe in laying down a basic guideline of clean nutrition habits for our clients and constantly remind them of the same to help them stay on track during the programme.

Upon request, we do recommend our client to meet up a Nutrition Advisor from our team.

Upon medical condition such as fracture or diabetes or heart condition or low bone density or arthritis – will I benefit by participating in an exercise regime, alongside?

Each client at The Fitter You, is helped with a protocol in accordance to the medical condition.Usually despite all medical conditions , a suitable customised exercise regime, to a patient of any of the above or other category, is often the best remedy to speed both body and mind healing.

Where is your clinic ?

Currently we are located in South Delhi.

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C-691, New Friends Colony, New Delhi-25