Puja Mittal is amongst the few highly qualified personal trainer and injury rehabilitation specialist. She is certified from global fitness institutions such as American Council on Exercise, American Heart Association, Evidence-Based Fitness Academy and many more, and specialises in Barefoot Training, and Rehab training.

Puja Mittal will help you achieve your results – from losing weight or building strength to recovering from an injury, pain or surgery. All sessions are tailored according to your needs and are personally designed for you, and are constantly iterated upon to match your improving performance and goals. Even the fitness studio is designed according to you, for you. In your session, we will focus on the smallest details such as your posture, form and gait – to help you accomplish your bigger goals.

For us, personal training starts with looking into the reason why you ever needed in the first place – be it motivation, pain or just work-life balance – and ends with helping you become the person you always wanted to be. All we ask from you, in return is your dedication and commitment. After all, there are no shortcuts to success and our success lies with taking you a step higher than your targets. 

Here are some personal words from Puja Mittal herself – 
“Fitness is  a lifestyle where exercising sensibly permits you good health. Often stressful and sedentary lifestyles can lead to negligence of the primary requirements of a human body. However with this lifestyle change, we can develop essential survival skills such as the ability to squat and pick up something heavy from the ground, and maybe even quickly dodge something while walking in a crowded area. A proper well balanced exercise regime, designed after detailed postural examination, helps one achieve good health without getting injured or demotivated. Ultimately, we all age with time; however how to age healthily where truly age is just a number, is a conscious investment in a designed health programme.”

Our Specialities

    • Injury care
    • Posture assessment
    • Foot posture analysis and gait analysis
    • Releasing tightened muscles
    • Managing arthritis
    • Managing slip-disc pain
    • Managing neck, shoulder, hips, lower back, knees and foot pain
    • Managing Osteoporosis and bone health
    • Managing Spondylitis
  • Posture Correction
  • Managing asthama
  • Weight Management
  • Strength training
  • Couple workouts
  • Group Classes
  • Nutritional consultant 
  • “And more! Everybody is different and needs different approaches and methodologies

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You can enjoy the life fullest with just small assistance of a personal trainer.



Recommended by industry for the quality of our training. That means better prospects once you graduate.



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Fully Qualified & Insured

Each personal trainer is fully insured and holds either a Cert IV, Diploma in Personal Training or a Degree in Exercise Science.


Fully Equiped

Our Studio has all the equipment we need to work on your body, so no need to buy anything extra to begin


Support & Motivation

Your personal trainer is there to help your reach your goals whether it is weight loss, to run a marathon your just feel better in your own skin.

Our Certification

American Council on Exercise

Post Natal

ACOG Guidelines

Personal Trainer

Basic Life Support

The Board of Certification of the Evidence Based Fitness Academy - Level 1

The Board of Certification of the Evidence Based Fitness Academy - Level 2

Rehab Trainer

Rehab Trainer Masterclass

Evidence Based Fitness Academy - Level 2

Fitness and Injury Management Movement Educator



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