Puja Mittal is one of Delhi’s finest and most qualified injury rehabilitation specialists. With certifications from esteemed fitness institutions such as American Council on Exercise, Rehab Trainer (Australia) and many more, Puja Mittal’s goal is to help you reach your fitness goals – without being hindered by previous injuries, pain or any other health conditions (such as asthma, obesity, slip-disc, arthritis etc). She creates a completely unique and personalised training experience for all her clients and focuses on the smallest details such as their form, gait and breathing.

She also motivates them to go one step beyond their goals. Her commitment and dedication for her clients is reflected in not only their results but also all their happy responses and their happier, new pain-free life. Her rigorous training places her between a physiotherapist and a personal trainer – making her uniquely qualified to target serious conditions from frozen shoulders and plantar fasciitis to postural correction, spondylitis and fascia release – all while simultaneously helping her clients reach their body goals. Finally, as a working woman and a super-mom, she is not only extremely enthusiastic and motivating to be around, but also someone who understands your exact needs and schedules and is happy to accommodate with great flexibility.




Create a plan and a schedule that matches your needs and goals. We are here to help you achieve the life you want. 



Enjoy life to the fullest with our expertise and industry level quality and standards. Your success is our success.



Reaching your body goals should not be a great financial strain. Take advantage of our competitive plans.



Unlike our competitors, we make plans based on education and human science, not just experience.


Fully Equipped

Our studio has all the equipment we need to work with, so no need to buy anything extra to begin training.


Support & Motivation

Your personal trainer is there to help you reach your goals – whatever they may be.

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Our Services

We provide a wide array of services to meet all kinds of people, bodies and needs. Contact us for any questions and queries

Weight Management Exercise Plan

Obesity comes with lowered self-esteem and multiple health risks. At The Fitter You, we understand your pain. We help you manage your body, the smart way.

Strength Training

Reach your strength goals with strong, healthy muscles that are as unique as you. Build up your muscles to move well with you and your life.                                          

Pain and Health Management

Major issues such as neck, lower back, knee and hip pain can prevent you from leading a full life. With our safe methodology, we nurse you back to strength.

Flexibility and Balance

Flexibility beyond or below the required range of motion, is a cause for injuries. With us, you could make all the difference with our help.

Online Sessions

Be your own boss and work your own hours. Let us fit into your schedules through online sessions if you are travelling or just extremely busy.

Buddy Workouts

Come along with a workout buddy! Stay motivated while having fun with your best friend or your partner, and give them the gift of health.


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Fitness and Injury Management Movement Educator


C-691, New Friends Colony, New Delhi-25